Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Hate That This Bugs Me

C has the babies for the next three weeks, and today on FB he posted pics from a festival he took them to this weekend, with his fiance, of course.

Well some trick-ass-bitch saw a pic of the four of them together and was all like "Your family is so beautiful" and honestly it took all I had NOT to come back with "BITCH- THOSE ARE MY FUCKING KIDS!!!"

I need to work that out.

I mean, I let her come to N's birthday party last year and I let her come to K's graduation a few weeks ago, but I hope this bitch is not putting on airs and claiming MY FAMILY as hers.

And yes, I know she can't help what somebody else commented but FUCK THAT! I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE PLAYING WITH MY KIDS!

*smooches...wondering how many hours of therapy it will take to cure me*
'cause this kind of crazy I have, man, I doubt it's in the textbooks...

and PS- can we please talk about how, YET AGAIN, N is posing like she was raised in the Stuy circa 1983?