Monday, June 29, 2009

Am I Ready For What's Next? Random Monday Thoughts...

For being a freelancer w/no rainy day funds?

For hustling full time to try and get a new gig?

For this hot ass summer in BK, again?

For the life of the mother of a real teenager?

For a complete REDO of my lifestyle choices?

For failure? Success? Happiness? Tragedy?

For a real heart-to-heart w/Grandma? With myself?

For him?

I'm trying to not fall apart, go with the flow, "let go and let 'god'" but SHIT I hate being in limbo without a plan of action and definite, guaranteed results. Total result of the whole right/left brain fighting for supreme dominance: my logic/reasoning just declared war on the bohemian artist in me and I was the last to know. Both sides have amassed so much ammunition against the other and I know it's about to get so freakin bloody. Like Civil War bloody. Like Euro-trash killing off indigenous tribes in 'America' bloody. Like North Korea threatening to level us with one death blow bloody. Like talking bad about Michael Jackson on a bus in Florida bloody.

Or maybe I'm just making it that huge because I'm on crack.

*smooches...too confused to produce a coherent post*
ps- it's hot as all hell today... never thought I'd say this shit but, um, I guess the rain wasn't ALL bad! lol