Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Minnie's Birthday Y'all!

And she's gonna curse me out three ways from Sunday but WHATEVER... bitch is 36-years-young today.

Yeah, I did it. And WHAT??

Now, it's oh-so-difficult to convince this girl to get in front of the camera, so here are some oldies but goodies I snatched from previous blogs to add to her birthday tribute:

Why is she looking at me like that?? Suspect...

She just KNEW she was styling in her yellow dress

And she's pretty funny when she's drunk

She's pretty much like an older sister (that's N giving me bunny ears in the background. GRRR!)

And came allllll the way to NJ to see me graduate

Just know, if you mess with anyone in the family, most likely this face:

will be the last one you see before you're knocked the fuck out. Except she won't be smiling. Cause that's how Minnie rolls, son!!


*smooches...just for Minnie today*
everybody, join me in wishing her the best today :D