Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where's My George?

I read over yesterday's post and realized how smooshy-wooshy feel good it sounded and I all but threw up in my mouth! I think the suburbs of NJ have started to infiltrate my brain.

It reminded me of Jerry's transformation in the Serenity Now episode, as seen here:

Since when am I happy? And smiling? And all of a sudden motivated to finish my thesis? OMG, and just yesterday I had the urge to rub this pregnant woman's belly! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Where's the antidote to this shit? I can't, I repeat, I CAN'T lose my edge. I love my edge. It was so...EDGY!

And all y'all who were like, "love the positivity" and cheering me on need to be smacked!

I need a Costanza to scare me straight... SERENITY NOWWWWWW!

*smooches...admitting my fear of happiness*
but seriously, don't let me get all fluffy bunny n shit. I beg of you!