Friday, June 05, 2009

I Was Told To Write A "Happy" Post

I've been having the shittiest of shitty weeks! I mean, so bad that I've cried, oh, no less than 6 times and as I write this it's not even Friday.

Smarty Jones suggested a write a happy post to make me feel better but you know what? I can't, because I'm right smack in the middle of this down cycle that sort of crept up on me when I wasn't looking.

Long story short- my thesis will take at least two weeks to a month to finish (I'm aiming for July 1st!) instead of being done by last Monday like I wanted, and it looks like I'll be out of a job by then, too.

>>>COINCIDENTALLY, if any of you know of a writing/editing/admin asst/McDonald's cashier positions available in NYC, I'd appreciate the head's up. I have 2.5 mouths to feed (I can always do without... you've seen my belly!) and a sizable monthly rent bill.<<<

Instead, I can tell you that while taking my evening shower yesterday I solved the character issues I had with my story Grey Matter... I loved the opening line but it was fucking up the rest of the story, so it occurred to me to change the SECOND line and POOF- story fixed. I can't tell you how relieved it was to finally have a solution for that story... it was slowly eating me alive!

I can also tell you that Jack sent me the cutest note pad jotter and pen set for my birthday and I love him/miss him dearly!! I know I'm behind on my Thank You cards, people, but I'm getting to it, PROMISE!!

Also, Titi Gloris reminded me that I need to go pick up my birthday gift. How could I have forgotten that?? I'll be over there Sunday afternoon for sure!

And finally, I got an email from my favorite sweatbox in Williamsburg, and it informed me that DJ Medina is spinning this weekend. Forget my usual 1st Saturdays + Soda Bar routine... you can find me there! And I know he'll play at least TWO Juan Luis Guerra tunes for me if I ask nicely and YES, Smarty, that will, in fact, make me happy.

(y mira aqui who's all of a sudden tryna be down with Dominicans.. I see you Zoe!)

But not as happy as I'll be once I hand in my resignation!

*smooches...checking the calendar to see if it's PMS week*
its the only reason as to why I've shed so many tears this week... but nope, that's next week. OH LORD! You mean it's about to get WORSE?!?!

(hope you enjoyed the Juan Luis medley... he is what makes me really, really happy, if not a little "homesick")