Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Wonder If The Penzos Know How Much I Clown Them?

taken from a Twitter conversation that came about after I went off on a rant about K's school:

and1grad: @TheJadedNYer I would really like to see you get ethnic. Its always entertaining when spanish folk get angry.

TheJadedNYer: @and1grad CALLATE!!!!!!

and1grad: @TheJadedNYer No, usually yall rattle off a LOT of words VERY quickly. Its fun to watch!

TheJadedNYer: @and1grad I'm not sure, but I think you just called me Ricky Ricardo...

and1grad: @TheJadedNYer No I called @ReindadeNYC that once tho. Did you know she's Cuban?

TheJadedNYer: @and1grad You're gonna get it for that. I'm just gonna duck out of the way and watch... *gets popcorn*

and1grad: @TheJadedNYer She likes it when I call her Cuban...its like our role-play. LOL

TheJadedNYer: @and1grad OK, now I feel like I walked into a porn starring my cousins. *backs away slowly*

and1grad: @TheJadedNYer Your saying that has just made this whole day awkward. That might actually be the most jaded thing I've heard u say. lol

chicknamedvick: @and1grad @TheJadedNYer that specific porn ends with @ReinaNYC trying to cut him.

TheJadedNYer: @chicknamedvick Ahhh, so it's a SNUFF FILM starring my cousins. Makes more sense now. *runs away for dear life*

*smooches...knowing full well that one day they might read this*
you know, eventually, when they actually learn to read... hahahahahahaha