Friday, May 29, 2009

Adjusting Without Settling

Although we all know I'm not in a place where I can fit a beau into my life on a full time basis right now, it doesn't mean that I sit at home at night watching movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Okay, maybe most nights that's what it means, but I still have a semblance of a social life, and every once in a while even *I* go out on a date. Yes, a date. Pick your damn jaw up off the ground.

Now, remember THIS post, where I described my perfect man? And THIS one, where I compared men to real estate and let the world know I wouldn't compromise? Right. Well I kind of maybe sorta perhaps realized I had to eat my words... just a tad.


So, I took another stab at my list to see if there was any wiggle room, if what I wrote off as a deal breaker was really, truly a deal breaker or if my current "situation" was enough to make me happy right now. I mean, not with height because that is a definite deal breaker (all dudes 5'10" and below, please step off the line, thank you.) but other stuff, maybe. Except... yeah... I'm making concessions with height but for some reasons it's not a big deal anymore...

And ethnicity. While I still have this undeniable and unwavering hot, steamy, lusty attraction to Black, Caribbean & West Indian men, and they will ALWAYS get first dibs at my Jaded goodies, I recently met an Asian dude that piqued my interest. Shocking, right?!?! Like, for real- who'd a thunk that shit? Asian!!

And education level. I was a total die-hard stickler for wanting a dude with as many degrees as I had, but you know what? As long as dude isn't STOOPIT and isn't intimidated by my scholarly ambitions, it's okay if he felt college wasn't for him. The caveat here, however, is that he still needs to be working in or towards his chosen career, whatever that may be. And he still needs to be well-read... a self-taught man can be very very sexy. Blue collar workers are welcomed to holla at me, just don't be crass about it. And bring your uniform (ROAR!).

And location. I suppose dude doesn't have to live RIGHT in Brooklyn for me to date him. Besides, while hanging out in Park Slope I realized Mr. Baseball and The Haitian live two blocks from each other, and the Trini Rasta lives just three blocks from K&N's hairdresser. I think it's time I date outside my borough...

Basically, this post is a long, drawn out way of saying: you were right, I was wrong. My Mr. Perfect checklist went STRAIGHT out the window and I went with my gut instead.

Congratulations, smart asses.

I hate you all.

*smooches...without making any definitive statements*
so don't even ask, wankers!