Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I just found out that it's Teacher Appreciation Week. Besides the fact that we should be appreciating the people who put up with our rass clot babies all the time, it's nice that a week is set aside to really, really show our gratitude.

Y'all know that I'm a Class-A nerd who, up until my grad school graduation in 2007, was in school since the age of 5, so OF COURSE I have many memorable teachers in my academic memory bank.

Like Mrs. Geasor, my 2nd Grade teacher, who really wanted to skip me to the 3rd grade but I didn't want to go. Those 3rd graders looked scary, and my classroom had the cutest lil loft play area. I wasn't ready to give up play time. (Damn... I was a lazy genius even in the 2nd grade? For SHAME!)

Or Mrs. Alt, my JHS Spanish teacher, who let me write this little skit for a project for extra credit. Or was it just a regular project? I can't remember, but I had fun writing it and she was lovely!

And the Myriad of BTHS Teachers that shaped my life:
>>Mr. Greenberg, Dr. Cocchiarelli & Ms. Reiss- wonderful English teachers that encouraged my reading & writing habit
>>Ms. Schreiber- who introduced me to the beautiful Italian language
>>Mr. Peemoeller & Mr. Honor- who, despite my classroom shenanigans, taught me to appreciate engineering
>>Ms. Sais & Mr. Mirer- who, bless their hearts, TRIED to make Social Studies interesting
>>Mr. Curulli- who let me hang out in the guidance office when I didn't feel like eating lunch or going to class
>>Mr. Ferdinand- who had the FUNNEST metal shop class this side of the Mason-Dixon line, I swear!

Plus the few, the proud, the Alfred U. professors who worked hard so I could (finally) graduate: Prof. Trice, Dr. Hluchy, Carol Burdick (R.I.P.) and Dr. Godshalk

And last but definitely not least, My FDU mentors, who really, truly helped me find my voice: Renee Ashley, Jeffery Renard Allen, Thomas E. Kennedy, Walter Cummins and Martin Donoff.

Of course it would be wrong of me to write a post about how great these teachers are without mentioning another great teacher- my baby sis, Mari. I've never seen her in action in the classroom, but I know HER, and she's awesome so ipso-facto she's an awesome teacher.

You heard it here first.

*smooches...for all teachers everywhere*
who were some of your favorite teachers? tell me in the comments!