Monday, May 04, 2009

Who Needs Manhattan, Anyway?

If my girl Lani didn't work in LES, I'd honestly never step foot in Manhattan on the weekends. Why? Because my side of the bridge has everything I could ever want.

This past weekend was another reminder of why I love Brooklyn so much, and why, despite my struggles to stay financially afloat, I can't see myself leaving. If I can make it here... you know the rest.

The Brooklyn Museum, which I just discovered has more than three floors of art (don't ask... I'm a spazz, I realize this. Can we please move on?), has a monthly (FREE!) event sponsored by Target called First Saturdays. It includes admission into the museum from 5-11PM to see the exhibits, maybe catch a book discussion or film, a "Hands-On" art project, live musicians and a dance party at the end of the night. Did I mention it was free? No? Well it's free. As in FREE.

This Saturday's band was Pistolera... a local group out of Williamsburg that I had the honor of interviewing last year. Love them... they rock, so please check them out. I also saw two amazing exhibits- one by Hernan Bas with some of the most beautifully provocative paintings I've seen in a long time and The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago in the Center for Feminist Art. So elaborate and just amazing... I mean so many different ways to illustrate the beauty of the female genitalia and the power we women have. Not just sexual powers but, Oh jeez, just check it out... I highly recommend both.

I think next time I may even attempt going to the fifth floor!!

After the museum there was a stop at a nice spot on Vanderbilt, Soda, where the DJ once again tore it up (even if he DID look like Lil John... WHAT? OKAY...) and my carefully styled Mixed Chicks coif quickly escalated into a certified Angela Davis 'FRO! But it's all good because I was in Brooklyn, where shit like that is the norm. As opposed to the chi-chi Manhattan clubs that expect you to wear shoes n shit. BOO!

(I will not get into the craziness that ensued that evening... you don't need to know that I may have drank more than I wanted to NOR do you need to know that gravity was not a friend of mine after 3AM. Oh, and you especially do not need to know who drove me home and what inappropriateness took place in said person's front seat in plain view of my neighbors. All of that is NUNYA!)

Sunday was another lovely day in the Slope; I had brunch at Cheryl's Global Soul (where the waiter had the cutest accent but gave LOUSY LOUSY service and saw his tip suffer because of it), did laundry (which really frightened and confused my clothes to no ends. Do you know how disturbing it is to see a shirt and some socks plead for their lives because they were not aware of what a washing machine was? Pure sadness) and then had a couple of margaritas at Caliente Cab Burrito Bar (oooh, go there and get EVERYTHING off the appetizer menu 'cause YUM!!!).

All in Brooklyn. All within 15 minutes of my apartment.

I mean really, why would I ever leave this place?

*smooches...loving my boro, even in the rain*
and special shout out to ShellyShell who partook of this ALL BK WEEKEND with me; it's good to know people in the 'hood. next time, I'm gonna need ALL OF YOU to come out, mkay? Thanks!