Monday, November 17, 2008

While You're Reading This, I'm Probably Still In Paradise

"...If You Steal My Sunshine..."
Ahhh... don't hate... I've been living it up in the bright sunshiny skies of Key West this weekend... ahhh

I might even be nice and post pics later this week, and then maybe you can see just how HUGE I've gotten. I came for Celia's baby shower and I swear *I* looked like the pregnant one! Damn Curry in a Hurry takeout... naan and saag paneer is the DEVIL!

I Read, Y'all!
Speaking of of the devil- I've been reading this book, "The Gospel According to Judas," and it's really good. I highly recommend it. But now, I kind of want to read the bible to kind of compare and contrast, maybe even take a class on it, but not with some religious fanatic. I'd love to study it under the tutelage of someone who's reading the bible for its literary value. Where can I find someone like that??

Now I'm reading White Lines for the Bloggers' Book Club, and I hate to admit it... it's not that bad. It's not that good, but it hasn't made me puke yet. But I'm not even in the 100's yet, so who knows.

NaNoWriMo Update
My novel is only up to 3,000 words. SHUT UP. I need a real kick in the ass. Anyone want to help me cheat? WHAT? Oh fine... forget it... I'll write it myself...

*mutters* bunch of self-righteous mo-fos...

Okay, no, but seriously, I should have more time this week to catch up on my word count. I will not let you guys down... 50,000 words or BUST!!!!!!!!

THE Master Of Fine Arts, Redux
My thesis you ask? Two more read-throughs from being FINITO. I will be finishing it up on the flight home and then sending it off to one of my mentors as soon as I get home. OH HAPPY DAY!!! I might post it on my other blog and then place the link here later, so that you can all bask in my literary genius. Maybe.

Me & Diddy Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Next stop? My PhD... y'all WILL have to call me Dr. Penzo in the near future. Just accept it, bitchezzzzzzzzzzz.

WOW. Did I just get all conceited about a PhD I don't have yet? Imagine how intolerable I will be when I get it... OUCH!

But no worries; my head will never get so big that I'll forget my peoples... I ain't going nowhere [too far]. I'll always be just one URL away.

Besides, you can take the girl out of Brooklyn...


Take that, take that... bad boy for life!

*smooches...making shit happen, people, making shit happen...*
and your weekend? oh, it doesn't matter... nothing beats a weekend in Key West so save it!!! HA!