Sunday, November 30, 2008

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Tomorrow is December 1st. Here's my Christmas wish list, what I want from all of you reading this post, in the spirit of the holiday...

> Volunteer at least on Saturday this month to a shelter or soup kitchen or your local library.

> Answer one of those "Dear Santa" letters the U.S. Post Office gets for some random child

> Tell your loved ones how you feel about them, everyday this month. A simple, "I love you" at the end of a conversation will suffice. But make sure you mean it!

> Be good to your body; sit in on a free introductory Yoga class, try a non-meat week, give up soda and coffee for the month, get a massage and facial on a random Wednesday

> Find something positive to say about every day you are on this earth

> Don't bombard people with expensive, store-bought gifts this Christmas; it's really not a measure for love. Unless you're proposing, in which case that ring had better be in a lil blue box or say HARRY WINSTON on the receipt. I'm just sayin...

> Throw that homeless dude a dollar or two; just this once lets assume he'll use it for food and not drugs.

> In fact, buy the homeless dude a meal and a hot chocolate. He IS hungry. Trust.

> Read one thing this month that will help make you a better accountant/teacher/nurse/person- anything, as long as it's going to enrich your life

> Treat yourself to a big ol dessert after dinner. You deserve it. You work hard, why not??

And no need to report back... just let your conscience be your guide.

*smooches...hoping to get as many of these accomplished as I can in 31 days*
and perhaps we'll enjoy it so much we'll make a habit out of it... imagine the great things we can do.

You know Obama is president now, right? You have to do better! lol