Friday, November 21, 2008

Jaded Book Giveaway No. 2

To date, I have received THREE BOXES O' BOOKS from Miss Kelly and have had to restrain myself from shrieking with glee whenever K called to say, "Mommy, another box came from your friend... can I open it?!?!"

We LOVE books in my house...

But, alas, my apartment, as I've mentioned before, is approximately 2'X4' so I cannot house all of these lovely literary orphans. And since I promised Kelly that I would pay her kindness forward, I'm doing another Book Giveaway.

But might I add before we continue... if you WIN you MUST claim the prize?! The last winner never bothered to, so I just gave the book to the library instead.

This contest will be the same as the last: Below you will find a passage from a great literary work. Be the first to correctly identify the book and its author and you will win these bad boys right here:

And now, for the classic:

The shark swung over and the old man saw his eye was not alive and then he swung over once again, wrapping himself in two loops of the rope. The old man knew that he was dead but the shark would not accept it. Then, on his back, with his tail lashing and his jaws clicking, the shark plowed over the water as a speed-boat does. The water was white where his tail beat it and three-quarters of his body was clear above the water when the rope came taut, shivered, and then snapped. The shark lay quietly for a little while on the surface and the old man watched him. Then he went down very slowly.

So... do you know it??

*smooches...reading my way through three boxes o' books*
membership has its privileges...