Friday, November 07, 2008

'Cause We Ain't Got No Damn Sense, That's Why...

Sometimes, Jack and I like to be inappropriate for impropriety's sake. Either that or we're just mean...

ME: Obama is what happens when biracial babies go bad LMAO!!!
JACK: right. not like M, N, K or J
ME: he's the exception to the rule
ME: 'cuz usually biracial babies are gorgeous
ME: him... not so much...
JACK: his dad toooo black and his mom tooooo white
ME: that must be it...
JACK: mhmm. kunta and betty white
ME: LMAO!!!!
ME: I'm gonna tell Obama you said that!
JACK: *shrug* they won't let u near him. your picture is in the secret service files
ME: dammit... you threaten ONE LITTLE PRESIDENT... and all of a sudden you're enemy of the state numero uno!
JACK: mhmm. it's not a very flattering picture, neither. u look like that balfour dude that did the hudsons in
ME: They got a pic of me pre-salon? that's just mean... Dubya is a hater!
JACK: tsk. tsk. on dubya. he got your pic on the way TO the salon. damn republicans
ME: he couldn't wait five little hours? damn him!
JACK: you sound like baghdad
JACK: lolololololololol

*smooches...thinking that SURELY this conversation added me to yet another govt list*
if I go missing, y'all know what happened... Obama and his weed lips came to get me... What? Oh, whatever; don't act like you didn't notice...