Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best Thing About Living In NYC...

...is going away for a bit and then coming back... seeing it through a tourist's eyes as we begin the descent into JFK and they say things like, "Oh my GOD! Look at all those lights!"

And I think, Yes, look at my City, shining bright. No other city greets me like this, twinkling with excitement because I'm finally home. Oh how I missed you, New York...

Even if it was FREEZING when I got here, even though it was a beautiful 80 degrees when I left Key West


That's Okay; I can't be too far from my City for too long, anyway.

So Key West was AWESOME as usual, Celia is ADORABLY ADORABLE as a momma-to-be, and I'm already plotting on my next visit down there.

The whole time I was humming this song in my head:

And as promised, here we are: Irene in a dress from the JUNIORS department, Celia as the glowing pregnant chick and me looking like I'm giving birth just two months after her.

I LOATHE my stomach!

Meanwhile, I found two garlic rolls on my table when I got in, leftover from the food Minnie and the girls had... one guess as to which greedy mo-fo hoovered it down as if it were her last meal?? Mhmm... I have ZERO self-control these days... I think I may need to get laid or somethi--

OOPS! Did I say that out loud???

*smooches...looking forward to snuggling up with N after just two days away from her*
I found that lil heifer in my bed when I got home! she's lucky I love her...