Monday, November 03, 2008

Back To Business As Usual

Hello, hello! How is everybody? Good? That's great. Me? Oh I'm just peachy; the week off did me loads of good.

Usually, when I come back from these breaks I come back all hyped-up and ghettofy my blog with my favorite misogynist- Ludacris. But during my time away, I listened to more mellow tunes, the kind that weren't so demeaning to women, like this one from Maroon 5:

That's right... guess who's been reading that "Inner Peace" book again?

*winks at Jack*

Now, on with the show.

And by show I mean Monday Musings w/The Jaded NYer & Friends!! And guess what? I've moved the show up an hour to 10PM EST! That's right, I heard all of your complaints about my show being on too late... well now it's not. So I will be expecting you ALL to tune in!

This week, OF COURSE I'm talking politics... I mean DUH! Election day is maƱana and it's all anybody wants to discuss anyway, right? I mean, I can't fling a Sarah Palin impersonator without hitting someone who wants to know who *I'm* voting for!

My guest host this week is the illustrious Brother Omi. Now, if you've never been to Brother Omi's site go and check it out. Dude pulls no punches and is a straight-talking educated and opinionated Dominicano. No, seriously, go visit his page and read some posts. I'll wait...




See? What did I tell you? And he also designed that kick-ass poster! Clearly his photoshop skills are waayyyyy better than mine :D

Anywayz, the election segment will discuss local politics, the electoral college, and the importance of third parties. We'll also be running for a full hour so that we can fit in as much as we possibly can.

AND, we want to hear from you; call (718) 766-4011 between 10 & 11PM and let us know who you're voting for and WHY. Or just call to say Hi; that would be nice, too. All I ask is that everyone be respectful of each other, or I WILL hang up on your rude ass.

*smooches...eager to get this election nonsense over with*
sooooo... what's everybody been up to??? tell me, tell me! I haven't made all the blog rounds yet...