Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Follow Thru...

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And don't forget to vote, dammit!


I have a gazillion flaws- from my weird toes to my sarcastic undertones to my penchant for catching an attitude with people for no good reason- but my biggest, meanest, nastiest flaw has to be my lack of follow-thru.

I went to grad school, borrowed thousands of dollars from Uncle Sam to pay for it, and guess what? I still have no diploma because my thesis edits remain unfinished.

I began work on a website, an online portfolio... even went so far as to hire a webmaster, with lofty plans to have it launch in September. What month is it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

There is this awesome charity that I really wanted to work with... and I keep forgetting to get back in touch with them and begin the grant writing project they wanted me to start on.

Last year I launched Operation Bikini Body... and I think we all know what happened with that. You don't know? Didn't I tell you? Oh, well I paid Bally's $35 a month and never went. Not only that, but I gained even more weight.

Basically I'm a flake, and I hate that about myself. It's partly a product of over-extending myself, volunteering myself for stuff that I end up not having enough time for, and it's partly because I'm a slave to technology.

These ideas flow through my mind and they all sound so good; I write notes on post-its and put them in my day planner. I say to myself: You see this to-do list you just made? Follow it to a tee and your day will go so much better.

But then I get distracted. And then the lazies kick in. And next thing you know nothing has been accomplished except maybe I watched West Side Story clips on YouTube as if I don't own the DVD.

Here's what's what: For weeks now I've been finishing up different projects that have gone untouched and been ignored for months (or years) now, and it's been going really well. That is a first for me. And it's mostly working because I'm not talking about it to every Tom, Dick and Geraldo I come across, especially here on the blog. I'm just doing it. Not writing it down or planning a schedule or anything- just picking a project and rolling with it.

So that is my new approach to anything I'll be undertaking from now on.. I'm gonna steal Nike's slogan and just do it. (And yes I do understand that I am, in essence, telling you of THIS plan on the blog thereby defeating the purpose of... dammit, you know what I'm getting at!) I already employ this policy when it comes to men and dating, and now I'm applying it to other aspects of my life.

Secretly, I think the Haters and Doubters are reading about my plans and sending me bad juju. So, no more ammunition for you, Haters and Doubters... I'm onto you; and this time I'm armed with a shitload of Orishas so you'd better watch the fuck out... Chango is on MY side...

I'm just gonna go about my life as I have been this fall, without pomp and circumstance so that I can actually get things done.

And maybe, after I've accomplished my goals, I'll let you in on it. Maybe. Or maybe I'll enjoy my tiny victories at home with my babies over a game of Uno and a fresh batch of cupcakes.

*smooches...realizing that somethings are better left unplanned and unsaid*
especially if the Universe is going to keep throwing me these dang curve balls... I mean I love baseball and all, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it!

PS- don't forget to vote; both in the Presidential AND the local elections. Pretty Please? For ME? With a cherry on top?