Friday, December 14, 2007

We's Comin' Up In Da World

So I'm on my way home from Lord & Taylor's (free gift with purchase at the Clinique counter, y'all!), passing by Bryant Park, and what do I hear?

Fucking BACHATA! I swear to god!!

I couldn't see what kind of party was going on under the tents, but the DJ was PUMPIN' some Aventura like a mofo!

The shock on my face caught the eye of a doorman on the block, also Dominican (I can spot my peeps from a mile away), and we just shrugged in unison.

Since it's Friday, I will leave you with the song- and video- of what was emanating from the chi-chi Bryant Park, just so that you can understand why I had the "WHAT?" face on when I heard it:

Obsesion by Aventura

And in case you don't understand what's so wrong with this music being played in Bryant Park, you know, that fancy park off Fifth Avenue, right next to Lord & Taylor's and its fancy Christmas windows, where tourists flock to like it's their jobs, here's a video that depicts how you're supposed to DANCE to a bachata:

Music: Dos Locos by Monchy y Alessandra

*smooches...wondering what it will be like when Dominican's finally take over the world...*
for you non-Latinos, bachata is Dominican music from the rural countryside; couldn't you tell?