Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In My Dictionary, Pt. 2

The second in an ongoing series to help my readers fully understand the extent of my insanity...

1. Cornivity: (noun) the next level of corny; corny to the tenth power; originally coined by Evelyn at The Chip Shop in Brooklyn Heights.

How to use it in everyday conversations:

Sure he was good looking and had an awesome body, but his cornivity was so prevalent that I didn't even want to be seen walking down the street with him!

2. Boogerific: (adj): awesome and stinky; alternate definition: Raquel's essence; coined by Mari via Google Chat on Monday night.

How to use it in everyday conversations:

I was so confused about solving for X, but my tutor was totally boogerific and cleared it all up for me!

Use it in good health!

*smooches...realizing that maybe I'm crazy because my FRIENDS are crazy*
what's even funnier is watching the spell check go all wonky at the sight of "cornivity" and "boogerific"...oooh, wonky...that'll be in the next vocabulary posting...