Thursday, December 06, 2007

No News Is Good News

That's the stance I'm taking in response to not hearing from my doctor yet about my test results. Why ruin my Thursday, which so far is not going too badly? Gmail introduced a whole bunch of new features (AIM chat, colored labels) and it's really made my email experience so much more enjoyable this morning. What will they think of next?

Plus my boss is out of the office and I don't have to make believe that his anecdotes are the least bit amusing, or that I care about pension rights or our clients. And I gave the staff assistant the BACK THE FUCK UP face in hopes that she will not violate my personal space today. It's 11:34AM and so far, no violations.

AND I'm feeling this sense of RELIEF at how clear my calendar is of social obligations for the month of December... for the past 11 months I've been out and about a little too much, letting myself get pulled in a trillion different directions, but this month is all about ME. I'm not going anywhere. Except that baby shower for a Penzo cousin on Saturday because those events are usually golden gossip opportunities and I hate to get the scoop second-hand from my mami. But after that, I'm not going anywhere. So don't even ask me!

And yes, if I don't hear from my doctor by the end of the day I'll call him myself...

K had me rent The Day After Tomorrow from Netflix. she's gonna regret it...