Monday, December 17, 2007

Dear Peter...And Other Musings

My weekend in four parts:

It's Got To Be Depression
I'm sleeping like it's my job; my stankness is extra-prevalent; I'm putting things off that should be on my "urgent" to do list; food has become my best friend and worst enemy; and matters of the flesh no longer interest me. Usually I can crawl out of the dark on my own, but for some reason my usual tricks just aren't working.

This might require professional help...

This Is Why I Left The Ghetto
First Minnie tells me of the two guys who tried to key into her Bed-Stuy apartment WHILE SHE WAS HOME, and then while visiting a friend in Crown Heights this weekend, the po-pos lock down the whole block because someone got capped two buildings over. My neighborhood may be boring, and my landlord may just be part of an Al-Qaeda cell, but at least since I've been there the worst thing I've seen happen is some vandalism (graffiti) on the wall of the Foodtown.

Dear Peter:
I'm gonna ignore the in-my-face approach you took to try and get me to care about voting and politics, etc, because I know some people are just really passionate about stuff like that (but please understand I'm just not), but- and I could be wrong- I kinda got the feeling you were mocking my choice in PhD programs and my potential ability to master Latin because I did a poor job of describing it. So here's the official description:

The CUNY Comparative Literature Program offers training, leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, in the theory of literature, in methods and history of theory and criticism, in the comparative analysis of texts, in rhetoric, and in the theory and practice of translation. The Program stresses comparative relations among the major and classic European literatures: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ancient Greek, and Latin, as well as Arabic, Catalan, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Provencal, and Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian. Interdisciplinary studies are encouraged in literature, film, and the arts. Cooperation with the Theatre, Music, and Art History Programs, and with such interdisciplinary programs as Medieval Studies, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies, and Renaissance Studies, is an important part of our curriculum. The Program offers students and faculty frequent opportunities for arranging and participating in colloquia on themes and problems of contemporary critical interest.

When I graduate I'll invite you to my party.

Anal Sex and Liquid Crack
A conversation I overheard:

Ghetto Dude: [on the phone] Girl, you know I love you. I love everything about you and everything you do for me, from licking my asshole to everything. I mean it!

That was something I could have gone my whole life without every hearing. And the memory of it is what drove me to buy a grande Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks on Sunday, even though caffeine make me jumpy and physically ill, and after I promised myself that the one I had with Evelyn on Saturday would be my last...

*smooches...officially convinced that romance is dead*
and mind you, that ghetto dude was on the phone with a different female tryna make a booty call (no pun intended) before he made this statement to the supposed love of his life...I need to get a new iPod to drown out the City...