Monday, December 03, 2007

The Best...

...humor on the web.

I fear that my stank ultra-mega-funky mood might get a little contagious, and that's the absolute last thing in the world I could ever want for anybody.

So here are a few rays of light for you:

Funny Sites

Peter's Evil Overlord List
Ever thought about taking over the world? Make sure that the very first thing you do is read Peter's list. It's chock full of great advice for any evil overlord in the making.

Overheard in New York
I've overheard some crazy things in this city; you can't avoid it. Especially when people are on top of you on the F train day in and day out. But the conversations documented on this site take the cake!! There's comedy GOLD in there!

Funny or Die
If you consider your comedy to be a life or death situation, then this site is for you. Just kidding!! It's 85% funny by my standards, so don't get mad if not everything brings a smile to your face. Of note: The Landlord with Will Ferrell and The Hills with James Franco and Mila Kunis.

Television Without Pity
Those of you wondering how is it that I can live without a TV, let me introduce you to my 12-step sponsor: Television Without Pity. The great people at this site recap the episodes of some of my favorite shows in such funny and witty ways that frankly, it's better than watching the actual shows.


Peek over to the right of your computer screen. See the list that's headlined: The Only Acceptable On-Line Reading? Right, that one.

Go over there and click on Leon's, Heather's (dooce), and Maddox's sites, all funny for different reasons. They will keep you in stitches.

* sorry for bringing clouds to your otherwise sunny weekends*
I promise to strive for a better balance of stankness and cheer in the future