Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lunch Time Texting

Me and Jack, circa October 2006

Jack: New Rule. Slutty=having to plan a shower between partners.

Me: Is there a story behind this rule? Slut!

Jack: Um. If the shower isn't PLANNED then = no slut

Me: Accidental sluttiness...the new craze sweeping America!

Jack: Oops

Me: I was minding my own thing I knew his penis was in my mouth...don't know how that happened.

Jack: And then this other one fell into my hand...I'm confused

Me: What was I to do? I didn't want to be rude...

Jack: Obviously I did what any polite person would do...I said Thank You

Me: And put them BOTH in my mouth. There was no time for a shower...

Jack: And next time I won't do that on a crowded train, officer

Me: I promise this time for real

Jack: Excuse me, officer...are those real handcuffs?

Me: Cool! I only have the pink furry ones. Hey! Is that...your PENIS?

Jack: LOL!

* longer wondering why my Verizon bill is through the roof*
this is pretty much how ALL my conversations with Jack go...