Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Got Me A Shrink Just In Time...

WARNING: The link in this blogpost is rated XXX and not safe for work. You've been warned!

This world has officially gone mad. Not only has the white-trash Spears' family announced yet another daughter's hot ghetto mess all over the media (thanks, Perez), but I find this craziness in my inbox from Evelyn:


Do you understand what they are selling here? They have BOTTLED the scent of a woman's na-na. In a bottle. For you to whip out and sniff whenever you want.


Is there really a market for this? Wouldn't your girlfriend's panties stuffed in your briefcase suffice? I didn't even check to see how much it costs because I just know it's something ridiculous that will send me over the edge.

I mean yes, I watched Boomerang like everyone else, and I laughed when Strangé wanted her perfume to smell like, well, her. But that movie was a COMEDY. As in- don't take it seriously- comedy!! As in- don't go out and actually develop this product- comedy!!

I can't... I can't even finish this blog post I'm so disturbed... I need a drink...

*smooches...rethinking that whole "move to Europe" idea I was toying with*
seriously, would it be wrong to have a drink right now? I mean, we're talking vaginal scent in a bottle; if something EVER called for tequila before noon I'd say this was it...