Friday, December 28, 2007

The Jaded NYer Goes To The Doctor, Pt.2

Actual conversation with the receptionist at my doctors office after I walk in out of the cold last night for my f*$#ing test results:

Bitch-Ass Receptionist: Hi...Dr. Incompetent is not here tonight

Me: (astonished) told me to come tonight, though

B.A.R.: (shocked) I did? (looks down in her book) OH Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh.... I should have called you. The doctor isn't here tonight.

Me: (pissed; trying not to strangle her) Okay, so when should I come back?

B.A.R.: Come back tomorrow. But call first to make sure he'll be in.

Me: Well can you tell me what he wanted to see me about?

B.A.R.: (semi-whispering) Your blood results. Okay? (louder now) Okay, see you tomorrow.

Me: (grumbling under my breath) Yeah, whatever...

*smooches...vowing to NEVER EVER AGAIN deal with physicians that aren't Caucasian*
can I get some props for not gettin' ghetto with this bitch??