Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why I Love...

...my friends.

I've said (and written about) this before, but I have some of the best friends in the world.

Yeah, they're crazy. And I mean crazy crazy (Lani...I'm looking at you...LOL). But what would I do without them? I have no idea.

At the onset of PMS Week, when Lady Estrogen had parked her bloated ass on my couch and refused to leave me alone, when I was more than likely to be down on myself and second-guess myself and feel like there's just me and no one else around to support me, they surrounded me and became my rainbows at the end of a nasty, messy rainstorm.

So I thought that I should give them a shout out. It's always nice to have good things to say once in a while...

My Baby Sister:

I consider her a friend, too, and recently, when I was feeling particularly down about something, she offered me wisdom from one of her favorite scriptures: "Speak the truth in love."

And I really appreciated it.

He can take my angry/sad/hurt tears and turn them into ones of hilarious laughter, while still keeping it real.

She helps to remind me to stay focused and centered and to release all the negativity around me. And yeah, sometimes we do that with a few shots of Tequila, but focused and centered we get.

Real talk if I've ever heard it- she pulls no punches and pulls the mask off all the boogie-men I'm afraid of and says, "see? It's just a guy in a costume." And then everything just falls into place.

*smooches...smothered in positive energy. Here, have some...*
I get by with a little help from my friends...