Friday, November 02, 2007

The Best...

...places to go for long walks in NYC.

Whether you're looking to take long romantic strolls with your boo, or need time to yourself to think about that foul, triflin' ish someone just said to you, this tiny island and its surrounding boros offer a pretty good selection of non-crowded blocks in which to do it.

Please note: I've only been to Staten Island like, um, four times in my whole life, so I apologize to anyone who is from there-- I'm not including your boro in this list simply because I don't know it very well. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section.

In lower Manhattan, the best place to get lost in yourself while getting your walk on is on the winding side streets of the West Village, but take it about two blocks west of NYU unless you want to run into those crazy art students.

The Upper West Side, particularly Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues north of 68th Street, are very nice places to not only walk but to discover cute little shops and restaurants and the occasional rare and used book store.

Anywhere along Prospect Park, well, except on that side (ya'll know which one I mean...) is a pretty nice place to walk.

I've also found that, a brisk, leisurely walk along Greenwood Cemetery is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. You know, if I actually WENT to the doctor..

In Bed-Stuy- YES, Bed-Stuy, get over yourselves!- Greene Avenue has some really cute brownstones from about Patchen Avenue all the way to Fulton Street.

Near my old job in the Bensonhurst area, I used to walk for a bit along West 6th Street or Avenue N, and oddly enough, found it to be quite enjoyable.

First and foremost- the boardwalk at Far Rockaway. Even in the winter. If after that walk you don't feel better, well, then, there's something wrong with you.

The little residential enclaves in Jamaica Heights. It's almost like you're not even in NYC anymore. It's more like you've fallen into this quiet suburban oasis in the middle of chaos.

The jogging/running paths in Alley Pond Park...such a great escape!

Anywhere in Flushing Meadows/Corona Park.

The Bronx
Hands down- you need to walk the hilly nabes of Riverdale and Fieldston. You'll not only clear your head but you'll get an awesome workout!

Especially of note: you can walk along Palisades and get a glimpse of the river, or walk all of Riverdale Avenue straight up into Yonkers. Not that you'd want to go to Yonkers, but I'm just saying...

*smooches...walking and walking until it all makes sense*
where do you walk?
what have I missed?