Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lady Estrogen Likes "Muted" Fun

It was a relatively quiet weekend. Well, not really, but kinda yeah, compared to what I usually do when the babies go away.

Friday night I ventured out to SOBs because I (finally) had another gig to cover: Pistolera, a pretty cool band out of Brooklyn. The act that played before them, Austin TV was also pretty good- an instrumental indie rock band from Mexico City. They were so good in fact that they've become my next assignment.

Afterwards I hung out with SVA guy and we shot the shit about random things like me going back to school and the fact that the program I'm applying to requires that I take the GREs (dammit!!), and his blatant denial that his younger sister- a grown ass woman who practices law- engages in any type of sexual activity. Hon, seriously- if she's any kind of pretty, smart and successful, she's not at home baking pies every night, OK? I also gave him a mini-tour of the places I know in the West Village, if for no other reason than to keep their memories alive in my head. I'll just cry if I ever forget where my favorite vinyl record shop is the way I forgot Carmine's location...

Saturday I slept in like the lazy bum that I am before dragging myself to the International Caribbean Art Fair. And it was great! So many beautiful pieces of art (including some awesome glass pieces by DJ Medina) from galleries around the world...I'm such a nerd for beautiful art. One gallery in particular, Studio Wah, had some of the most vibrant and inviting paintings I've seen in a long time! Another painter from Puerto Rico, Jaime A. Carreras, and his exhibit partner, José Oscar Torres, also caught my eye. So much so that I'm making it a point to visit the San Juan museum that displays their work when I go for my birthday.

Afterwards I went home and did the unthinkable: I made dinner. Can you believe it? Instead of ordering enchiladas from La Asuncion or curry puffs from Thai Tony's I actually turned on my stove. On a weekend!! Then Lani came over and we ate, talked, knitted (yes- you read correctly- KNITTED) watched crazy comedy clips on YouTube like this one, before deciding to go to Reis for a little bit.

At Reis- which was kind of packed and had a freakin DJ- we hung out with a former co-worker of Lani's, a cool bartender/artist who kept us in stitches all night with his crazy antics. He even participated in my favorite drinking game-- the 2AM prank call! He also told me that at a Manhattan bar owned by Duff McKagan, on many given nights, I might find my beloved Slash (not) partaking of a drink or two...and that he is one of the nicest guys around. Excuse me while I pass out. And Google that freakin bar...

We called it a night sometime around three, which was really four according to my body's internal clock, after a much needed bag of Doritos...mmmmm...3 AM Doritos...

Today? I did nada. I had some work to do but decided, eh, I'll do it later (as in after midnight tonight). I just wanted to lay around in my flannel PJs, enjoy the last few hours of my free trial with Netflix before I cancel it tomorrow, and eat left-overs on my couch. I did take a minute to wash and dry my hair and add a couple of more rows to whatever the hell it is I'm knitting...I suppose those were my biggest accomplishments today so far.

Now I'm just waiting for the babies to come home, so that I can begin prepping for another grueling week that mostly consists of me trying not to jump in front of the oncoming F-Train every morning.

*smooches...wondering why I can't wear flannel pajamas everywhere I go*
I didn't make it to the global warming rally,
but I promise to be very Earth-conscious all month!