Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Quiet Genius.

Had K's parent-teacher conference tonight, and that, too was more of the same:

excellent grades, wonderful writer, 95 average in math, "Super Scholar" for the term...

Yeah- we breed them smart over here...did I mention they're gonna start her on 9th grade algebra...in the 7th GRADE? Don't hate...

But can I just send a lil message to her homeroom teacher, whom I feel judged me too quickly and incorrectly?

Don't misjudge my nonchalant-ness for not caring. ABSOLUTELY I'm proud of Ks achievements and grades and behavior (again, like her sister- at school NOT at home), but I've been hearing this same old schpiel since she was in pre-K.

So excuse the fuck out of me if what you had to tell me did not make me jump out of my skin. Of course K does well academically- I raised her, bitch! Those are *MY* genes in there. I expect nothing less from her than straight As across the board (so tell that music teacher to get with the program!) because she is smart and diligent and no joke about her school work. I really did not appreciate you telling me how I should react.

Don't let me have to break my foot off in your ass.

*smooches...hating to be told what to do*
so while N is building the bomb in the basement, K will be calculating how long it will take to evacuate given the velocity of the circumference of x divided by y times x squared...LMAO...I just made that shit up...