Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Came. I Ate. I'm Nauseous

Thanksgiving at Casa Penzo-Acosta-Garcia-Ramirez-Baez was pretty much uneventful. NO one got in a fight; no one stormed out; no one cried.

We gathered, ate double our weight in food and then took turns passing out on the couch.

But we looked damn good doing it. Or at least I did:

This was the tree on Chester Avenue with all the cool leaves we used to decorate the table

And look how cute the table turned out

And look how cute my Mami looks at the table

This was the spread...actually, only part of it. I think I ate everything in this photo at least three or four times

This here is what we had for dessert; we cut it down this year for health reasons

So now here's the family:

Mari you already know; she came up from DC, still cute, still crazy

Then there's my Mami; don't we look so cute?

And of course you remember Minnie...but maybe not 'cuz she's not drunk in this photo (HA!!). PS- that's N in the back giving me bunny ears!!!

This merry trio you've never met, though. That's Marlon (Minnie's other half); my Titi Gloris and her hubby David (in the middle). It just happened to be David's birthday, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!!!

And of course the kiddies were there, but y'all know how squeamish I am about posting current photos of them, so just imagine two of the most beautiful creatures in the world...basically 12-year-old and 7-year-old versions of me, and there you have it.

It was a pretty mellow and fun night. We sang some Marc Anthony. We watched Ugly Betty (well, some of us, anyway). Mami gave me and Mari a TMI moment regarding an Eddie Santiago song (BLECH!!! and that song used to be my fave!). And then when I was done with them, I found myself drawn to my best friend... Free Cell...

* full of stuffed mushrooms that I'm seriously considering sticking my finger down my throat!!*
hope your holiday was as blessed as mine