Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Now It's Official.

Occasionally Lani and I will joke about how we have too much testosterone and think like men a little too much, especially when it comes to relationships and sex. Well now it has been confirmed, for me at least, via one of those cheesy quizzes found over on

According to the Love Style quiz, I am:

The Director

Specific activities in the testosterone system are what distinguishes this type. Again, although we think of the hormone as male, it is shared by both sexes, and there are many full-blooded women Directors. Whatever the gender, people of this type are competitive. They strive to be top dog and have many skills to get there. They are pragmatic, tough-minded, and most notably decisive, able to make up their minds rapidly, even when faced with difficult choices. Rational analysis, logical reasoning, and objectivity are their core strengths. They also pay attention to details and can focus their attention to the exclusion of everything around them—an ability that enables them to weed out extraneous data and progress on a straightforward path toward a specific goal: the solution. Many Directors are also ingenious, theoretical, and bold in their ideas. Moreover, they are willing to take unpopular, even dangerous paths, to get to the truth. So they persist and often win.

Directors are particularly skilled at understanding machines and other rule-based systems, from computers and math problems to the details of biology, world finance, or architecture. They excel at sports, and often have an acute ear for all kinds of music. Their interests can be narrow; but they pursue them deeply and thoroughly. And they can captivate those who share their hobbies.

Placating leaves the Director cold. He or she often chooses to do a good job rather than please others. In fact, Directors are the least socially skilled of the four types. When preoccupied with work or personal goals, they can appear aloof, distant, even cold, and are generally not interested in making social connections, with the exception of those that are useful or exciting to them.

As with the other types, the traits that make Directors so successful may become grating: For example, their confidence can veer into bragging, their exactitude turn uncompromising, and their forthrightness simply seem rude. And because they often see issues in black and white, they miss the nuances of social, business, and personal situations. But thanks to their dedication, loyalty, and interest in sharing ideas, Directors make close friends. And they can be fiercely protective of those they love.

The test says I also have strong tendencies as a Negotiator and Builder, whatever the hell that means. But I like this "Director" one...anyone who knows me or befriended me or has dated me or even just had a one-night-stand with me can attest to these characteristics being ALL ME!

Not that this helps me get any insight on finding a mate- I'm still in my post-divorce, selfish, shallow, ALL-ABOUT-ME phase, where I only date eye-candy and will sometimes sleep with someone and then never call them again. But maybe one day I'll be able to put it to good use.

If you want to take the test, too, click here. I'd love to hear what each of you are...

*smooches...directing my way into spinsterhood*
maybe there was some truth to that "cold and uncaring" comment after all...