Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Her Mind? It's A Genius.

Parent-teacher conference last night at Ns pretty much went as expected:

Her grades are stellar; she does all her work; she gets along with everyone; she needs to start reading books on a 3rd grade level (she's in a gifted program in the 2nd grade); she's a good writer; she participates in class; her behavior is appropriate, and she's great at math.

In fact, her teacher said, and I quote, "She's the perfect child. You've done everything right." As if my ego needed anymore stroking!

And N did predict this for herself. A few years ago during a party at my mami's house, Minnie complimented her on something, and do you know what my humble little schnookums said? "I know! My mind is a genius!" It's like that every time you praise her. For example, here's an exchange from just a week ago:

Me: Wow, I really like your painting.
N: I know, I'm really creative!
Me and K: (sighing and rolling our eyes) Oh, brother!

Some might call it confidence, and yeah, I guess it is. But in my book, that's straight up so proud!!! She's like a mini-me!!

But back to her report from the teacher... it leads me to wonder-- why is she so "stellar" outside the house, and then the millisecond she crosses the threshold of my apartment she's a wildcat. Is it me? Do I bring out the crazy in people?

*smooches...being a proud mama for once*
sure she's a EEE-VIL genius...MUAHAHAHAHA!!