Friday, May 07, 2010

I Remember: An Interactive Post (Pt. 2)

To see the first one of these, which I wrote back in July of 2007, click here. The premise is simple... I share a few memories with you, and in the comments, you'll share a few memories with me. Bet? Vamonos....

I Remember...

Crying outside of my apartment the day my mom left me alone with a newborn K after a week after giving birth.

Seeing someone carted off by the paramedics at a Menudo concert.

Running into Christopher Walken on Bleecker and Broadway months after seeing "The Prophecy" and screaming "NO" in his face before running away.

The "wrong number" calls we'd get from men for some woman named Denise, and the time I actually responded, "She's here but she doesn't want to talk to you."

Going to Six Flags Great Adventures with Titi Gloris & Minnie, and riding FREE FALL over and over again until we couldn't take it anymore.

Stealing handfuls of shredded coconut out of the kitchen while Grandma made all sorts of Dominican desserts.

When, at age three or four, N proclaimed to us: "My mind is a genius."

Playing jacks in the street by Abuelo's house in DR in the summer of '85.

Passing out in the bathroom after realizing I'd gotten my period for the first time, July 1986.

The first time I read my work out loud, butterflies in my stomach, and all the wonderful feedback & praise I received when it was all over.

*smooches...writing these down for when 'old timer's disease' kicks in*
I already forget about 40yrs my brain will be total mush!

Now you, what do you remember??