Monday, May 31, 2010

3-Day Weekend Kills Monday Musings: News At 11!

So, um, since I am writing this at 9:13PM on Monday night, you've all guessed by now that there won't be a season finale to Monday Musings. I really hope you all enjoyed last week's segment w/Kitty Bradshaw because it is the last until we resume in September. My wish is that you will find something to keep you busy on Monday nights until then.

But I do want to take a minute to thank all of the wonderful people that made Season Two so very special, and a lot more fun than Season One:

  • Kitty Bradshaw
  • Natalie McNeal "The Frugalista"
  • Judith Angeles
  • C (my ex-husband)
  • Malik 16
  • Dorian Smith
  • Eb the Celeb
  • Nik Banks
  • Dan Tres Omi
  • Smarty P. Jones
  • 12Kyle
  • MC K-Swift
  • Claudia Mejia-Haffner
  • Darius T. Williams
  • The F$%k-It List
  • Irene
  • C-Recks & DrizaDre of Brothers' Blog
  • Mari

And I'm thinking up BIG THINGS for Season Three so don't forget about us! No, really, you'd better come back or I'm sending people to get you. DON'T MAKE ME!

*smooches...glad to have my Mondays free for the summer*
now I can devote more time to...talking to y'all on Twitter and watching bad movies on Netflix. OWWWW!