Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come Get Yo' Cousins Vol. 2: MY EYES!

Here go your cousins again, roaming free in the streets of New York sans guidance and giving me migraines. Will the torture EVER stop?

You see Suzy back there behind Jose? She's having a bachelorette dinner with her bitches, and apparently felt it was appropriate to wear a crown of Peni (pronounced "peen-eye", plural form of penis. Deal with it). I was NOT amused. And neither was Jose!

You'll be gentle? Really? I'm sure that's what Dahmer said to HIS victims, too. *makes the sign of the cross* The devil is a LIAR!!

What in the short-pant-ugly-socks-bright-shoe HELL is going on here?? And did he buy that vest in a size too small? I can't...

*smooches...almost fed up with people*
but they give me such good blog material so I can't be mad!