Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Fun: A Picture Post

As I said yesterday, I had tons o' fun on my birthday: great friends, family, food, dancing and presents. It was truly another one to remember.

Now I don't think I got pictures with everyone because, well, I was kinda busy having fun n shit, but you all know who you are and what event you came to and all that good stuff.

Here's a sampling of the shenanigans:

Me n Eb n My Boobs O_O

Mami n Nina; That Acosta gene is a STRONG one!

THIS!!...Why didn't I get his number again? Oh, right, because I'm lame...

My (Ortiz) cousin Will (BILLY!) mean muggin for the camera.

With my Boston Crew: Nina & Cathi

Evy & Peter & Eb, Oh MY!

The Japanese chef at the restaurant LOVED us :)

In KarrieB's defense, Irene just got through explaining that her Irish/German husband doesn't drink. We were ALL baffled.

Cathi & I taking our usual "In The Cab" shot!

Seriously, it was more fun than I deserved! I love you all so much for making this a weekend to remember, and cannot wait until my Fabulous Forty Birthday Bash: A yacht + buff, oily Brazilian men + the open seas... clothing OPTIONAL. Save the date...

*smooches...so glad birthdays are only once a year*
my mind is young; my body? NOT SO MUCH!