Monday, May 10, 2010

Tonight on Monday Musings...

I'm beyond sick of all these so-called news reports about single women and why they're single and how they will be single forever and ever and a day because of high standards, low standards, stank attitudes, over-achieving lists, the media etc. BEYOND SICK.

It's like, really, CNN, you have nothing better to discuss these days? You do realize there are a crazy amount of natural & man-made disasters occurring weekly around the world, right? Can we focus on THAT shit and leave the trivial crap like "Why Black Women are Single" to the Oprahs of the world? Thank you and good day!

So let's put this topic to bed tonight on Monday Musings, shall we?

My fellow bloggers 12Kyle of The 12th Planet and ( a reluctant and stubborn) Eb the Celeb will co-host a segment on The Lists, Standards and Obstacles To Meeting 'The One' in which we'll be discussing dating standards, the infamous LIST and other bullcrap that supposedly keep men & women from actually dating.

Be there tonight or I will force you to listen to me sing select songs from the Bee Gees discography. Off key.

*smooches...almost too busy to write this post*
what is wrong with my life that I'm too busy to touch base with my lovely readers?! Aaaack!