Monday, May 24, 2010

A Thanks, A Show And A Few New Discoveries

Un Millón De Gracias
As expected, my birthday weekend was AMAZING. I'll write in detail about how fabulous it was later in the week but I did want to take a minute to thank everyone who came out to dinner and/or dancing, brunch, sent good wishes via text, Twitter, Facebook or called me up on Sunday, and of course for my lovely gifts. It was such a warm + fuzzy feeling to see and hear from all my peeps.

But I do need you all to take a minute and see how adorable my babies are. This was the card they gave me:

And these were the gifts I unwrapped:

Do they know their Momma or what? For the record, they're BOTH my joy, the one thing I seem to have done right.

Meet Kitty Bradshaw Tonight On Monday Musings
Bloggin ain't easy. You gotta put up fresh content regularly. You have to deal with crazy comments (well, not me, but some people do). And no matter your profession, you automatically sign up for the job of graphic designer when you choose to blog. Not. Easy.

But tonight on Monday Musings you'll meet blogger Kitty Bradshaw. She makes blogging her job- seeking sponsors, networking to death and carefully looking to boost her brand. A California transplant in NYC, Kitty is coming up on her 2nd Blogiversary and has already done so much.

So tune in know you want to!

It's Like Someone Turned A Switch...
The last couple of weekends I made a few discoveries that I felt I should share with my Jaded Family. I think they all just appeared in my brain as my 35th birthday approached and I don't like to question free wisdom. You shouldn't, either.

1- You don't need gallons of alcohol to have a good time. Two weeks in a row I've partied hard with only about two or three drinks in my system. And still had a blast. Maybe it was the company I kept, or maybe I'm super serious about this Vomit-Free (rest of) 2010 promise I made myself, but yeah, no need to see double in order to declare a party a success. You heard it here first!

2- Gel inserts kinda help you dance longer than your knees would normally allow. Not that much longer, but I still recommend you get yourself some post haste! You can always deal with the pain later.

3- I am surrounded by awesome people. People who are doing the damn thing for themselves, who actually care about me AND I care about. People who know how to have fun and hold an intelligent conversation and I don't mind bringing around my mom (the ultimate judge). Not sure everyone can say that so I consider myself really lucky!

4- That void I've been feeling in the last decade is a result of my broken-up family. As I reconnect with them more and more I'm starting to feel better. We always had so much family around when I was a kid that it's no wonder I've been all disoriented without them. 2010 seems like the year this will be mended.

5- I'm really serious about wanting to expand my little family and/or remarry. Some of y'all thought I was joking but no, I really mean it. Will it happen? Who knows. But I do want it. And if the opportunity presents itself I will not shy away from it.

*smooches...making sure to have my fun now*
once I have my new babies you will NOT be seeing me out and about as much until the kid turns three. Babies come first in this family. Always.