Monday, May 03, 2010

Let The May Festivities BEGIN!

Hello my dearies!

First off I want to apologize for canceling Monday Musings two weeks in a row. Last week I was busy meeting a deadline; this week I will be spending time with my girls + some friends and won't be home in time. I'll catch y'all next week, tho.

Technically, the season should have ended already. If you remember correctly my last show in the spring of 2009 was in mid-April. But I will extend it to the end of may before I go on my summer break. And YES, I am following the TV season schedule. What of it?

Now that that's out of the way...

Do you know what MONTH it is??? Don't act brand new- you know it's only TWENTY DAYS until the whole world takes a few days to celebrate the fact that I was born. Shut up, they DO!

And from the looks of my calendar, I share this Birthday Month with so many other worthy folks!

So what's in store? Well this week there's Cinco De Mayo PLUS my reading on Saturday (with a small "after party" to celebrate the website's launch) and then Mother's Day grubbage. Then I'm treating myself to a plethora of cultural events & concerts throughout the city with my babies because it's long overdue. Next up PLEASE BELIEVE that I will ring in the Big 3-5 in typical Jaded fashion (minus the falling asleep at 7A like I did last year) followed by a Bloggers' BBQ on Memorial Day weekend.

Oooh, you're intrigued, you want in, I can feel it through the computer! Don't worry, honey-bunnies! As soon as things are finalized I will send out invites to those in the Jaded Empire. Cool? Cool.

*smooches...liking May a helluva lot more than April*
and don't even get me started on the crap-tasticness that was March!