Friday, May 21, 2010

Thirty-Five Years Young: A Post And A Soundtrack


is what 34 looked like. SMOKIN', if I do say so myself.

What will 35 look like?

Well, I'm hoping 35 will be a bit slimmer, and maybe care a bit more about what it puts in its body 'cause let's face it- plantain chips and Golden Oreos at 4AM are NOT part of a nutritional and/or balanced breakfast.

I'm hoping 35 will start meditating and practicing yoga again, if for no other reason than the selfish need to clear its head and have a limber body for...stuff.

I'm hoping 35 will take the time to really push its career to the next level; maybe submit a few stories to journals and make some good connects with an agent and/or publisher.

I'm hoping 35 will get its money right, and stop hiding from bills as if they were a short Mexican in a Queens nightclub tryna holla.

I'm hoping 35 will get to travel more; leave NYC and the US for a bit and see something new and exciting. It has been a while!

And of course, I'm hoping 35 will be at peace long enough to look love right in the face and say, "OK. I'm ready. Just... be gentle."

Most importantly, I'm hoping 35 will never lose its child-like wonder and youthful outlook on people and life. I hope it will still have a penchant for inappropriateness and practical jokes, and I really hope it will never tire of having a grand ol' time.

I just want 35 to look like me, only... happier.

*smooches...looking forward to cuttin it up with the homies this weekend*
And if you don't know what to get me, CLICK HERE to see my birthday wish list. Thank you and good day.