Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bullshit With Which I Will No Longer Put Up

1- K calling me on weekends she's with her dad to complain that N is misbehaving. IT'S NOT MY FUCKING WEEKEND. Talk to your father about that bullshit; I'm on a break.

2- Being uncomfortable so others can be happy. Fuck y'all. No mas.

3- Holding my tongue in order to keep the peace. I joke about machetes n stuff on here but I'm a very non-violent person in real life. I loathe conflict. But I've been pushed to the edge. It ends NOW.

4- Allowing others to ruin my day. Too often someone upsets me & I spiral into a stankness that cannot even be cured with the finest of Buffalo wings. I won't do that anymore.

5- Answering calls/emails/texts/bbms from people I really don't feel like talking to. Sometimes I like to pretend it's just me in the world & if you're trying to contact me it fucks up the illusion. Pa' fuera!!

*smooches...thinking these next 35 years of my life are gonna be a DOOZY*
and I really don't care to hear how you feel about any of this, either, so I'm disabling comments. GOOD DAY.