Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrasslin' With The Blues

It's that time of the month again. NO, not THAT time. That already passed. It's that time of the month when I start to feel down down down to the point where I make myself physically ill and don't want to leave the apartment. There's tears and pouting and yelling and a whole bunch of calling in sick and slothing it up on the sofa. I'm tired of trying to explain and or understand it; it just is.

Instead I'm concentrating on ways to divert my attention until it passes and I'm coasting on an UP cycle again. Stuff like...

My babies. They are younger, sillier versions of Jaded that can find ways to cheer me up when I'm all bluesy. Like THIS VIDEO they made in front of a desk fan while listening to the Jamie Cullum CD they bought me. I just had to build an entire blog post around it.

Quality TV. Thanks to certain sites and Netflix, I'm able to escape from my sad thoughts and invest my time in some good writing/acting/directing. Just yesterday I finished the last episode of The Riches (I can't believe they canceled that shit w/out a proper finale! UGH!) and now the babies and I can continue on with Season 5 of ER. You know what happens this Season, right? Poor, poor Lucy...

Musica. Old and new. Thanks to Irene and Tyrone I'll be adding some new tunes to the iPod in the next few weeks. Thanks to Mami I have all our old albums and a TEAC record player on which to play them. Classics like

Los Hijos del Rey w/Fernandito

and Cuco Valoy

And Amanda Miguel

Boys. I know it might sound anti-feminist or even a little skanky to surround myself with admirers when I'm feeling down, but sometimes an ego boost is all a girl needs to get through the day. Just a big, strong manly man to take my hand in his, or hold me in his arms and tell me how great I am, or an inappropriate make-out session in the park. Yeah, that always helps a little.

Pampering myself. I haven't been to a hair salon in ages. I'm thinking now is as good a time as any to hike up to Washington Heights and let those Dominicanas work their magic on my tresses. I especially like the way they massage my scalp while shampooing my hair...just thinking about it is making me want it even more!

I'm hoping to have licked all these bad feelings by Friday. I can't be sad on a holiday weekend. I refuse!

*smooches...trying hard to remain in good spirits*
I have too much going on right now; there isn't any time to be depressed.