Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Remember: An Interactive Post

A while back I worked at Horace Mann School- pretty cool job- and during the holidays they would ask all employees to participate in a bulletin board where everyone would add in a memory that was near and dear to their heart. It could be anonymous or you could attach your name.

I was never much of a joiner, but I liked that. It was a nice community building exercise, and even though I was at the height of my Jaded-ness during my tenure at Horace Mann, I added a tidbit each year.

Now believe it or not, I consider you, my readers, a sort of extended family- and not just because some of you are ACTUALLY related to me, but because I share the most intimate, crazy and embarrassing shyt with ya'll. I consider us a tiny online community.

So I wanted to extend the opportunity to share, to build a little community, to remember what's important or what's been buried or just something that made you laugh. Below are some of mine. What are some of yours?

I Remember...

Fridays as a kid when Papi would bring home pizza or Chinese food or McDonald's for us on his way home from work.

When [my uncle] Julio showed up at my 9th birthday party in his full Army uniform and I felt 30 million ounces of pride that he was an officer.

Dressing Mari up in my doll's clothes and chauffeuring her all over Bed-Stuy in her baby carriage as if she were mine.

Watching WWF and G.L.O.W. with Melvin and David, my two charges when I began babysitting at age 12.

Discovering the "closet 'o porn" my uncle Jose tried to keep locked up.

Standing up to my mother's ridiculous and outlandish accusations for the first time, senior year of high school.

[My great-grandmother] Nenena slipping me $5.00 on the sly, and the sweet smell of the tobacco from her pipe.

Binging on twin pops the summer I was pregnant with K.

Taking a home pregnancy test in a Manhattan College bathroom with Irene outside the door of the stall offering comic relief when I found out I was pregnant with N.

Singing both of my babies to sleep with some Bob Marley.

My dog Rocky, and how much I loved him.

Losing my shit in a Pizza Hut bathroom in Canada while tripping on acid with Crazy Mary.

How great it felt to get accepted into a graduate writing program.

Looking into grandma's coffin, wishing begging pleading for her to wake up.

I hope hope hope you all feel compelled participate.

*smooches...remembering, all of a sudden, how much I love you all*
Ya see, in life I know there's lots of grief,
But your love is my relief