Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why You Should Only Chat with One Person at a Time...

...especially if the TV is on and you're distracted:

Raquel: it is small- I ain't crazy
Raquel: oops
Jack: LMAO
Raquel: LMAO
Raquel: [ROTFL emoticon]
Jack: I'll assume you're talking about the tatoo
Jack: that helps me
Raquel: yes I was
Raquel: but out of context its even funnier
Jack: good, just keep saying that
Raquel: LMAO
Jack: because out of context, I am forced to envision slaughtered kittens in order to fight the visuals
Raquel: LMAO
Raquel: me meo!!!!!
Raquel: I'm totally in tears over here
Raquel: [ROTFL emoticon]
Jack: I prefer to emphasize the *IS* in your cross chat
Jack: makes it better
Jack: it *IS* small. I ain't crazy
Raquel: LMAO
Raquel: this has to go in the blog!!!
Jack: lol - omg, rocky _ I don't laugh with anyone near as much as I do with you
Jack: omg - my kittens made the blog cut?
Raquel: YES!!!
Jack: dito - poor calicos
Raquel: LOL
Jack: mother cat all pissed off her babies were lynched for an IM session mishap
Raquel: she can have more

*smooches...waiting for the hate mail from PETA*
Its a new dawn
Its a new day
Its a new life
For me
And Im feeling good