Thursday, July 19, 2007

Countdown to Lockdown: The Return of the Babies

Yes, folks, my reign as the singlest single woman in town is coming to an end. Tomorrow, after work...*ominous music plays in the background*...I'm travelling up to Nyack to collect my children.

Children. Child plural. I loathe the sound of that word. BLECH!

I do miss my babies, I do, but when I look back at the carefree weeks of July 2007, I can't help but get a little misty-eyed.

The late night booty-calls with Mr. DJ. Dinner and a movie with Aaron. Partying with Mari in DC. Getting inked. Clubbing like it was 1999. Being attacked by killer mice from outer space. Getting slushees from the gas station at 3AM. And again at 6.

It's all about to end.

It's about to be replaced with "Mommy I'm hungry!" and "N. stop it! You're not playing right!" or "K!! It's my turn on the computer!" and my personal favorite: "Mommy, can we sleep with you?" This coming from two girls who love to flail their limbs about all night, so that by the time you wake up the next morning, if you got any sleep to begin with, you find a toe up your nose and a knee in your butt.

So no, you cannot sleep with me. And there is no dinner. Ever again. Forget that dinner even exists.

And if you both don't stop all this bickering, I swear on my collection of John Cusack DVDs, I WILL sell you to the gypsies!!!

*smoochies...feeding you a filler blog to cover for the blog I want to write but can't- not yet*
Yo sobrevivire
no me preguntes como no lo se
el tiempo cura todo y va a ayudarme
a sentirme diferente...