Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday is the New Friday

I am taking full advantage of this "kids gone for the summer" thing! Don't get me wrong- I miss my babies, but there's something to be said about not having to feed them every two seconds and not having to censor my phone conversations.

Last night, I hung out in the LES: first to see Mike's work displayed at the Aidan Savoy Gallery, and then to attend another DJ Medina event...a concert with timba great Danny Lozada at Crash Mansion in the Bowery.

Going to the LES always brings up old memories of me and mami traipsing all over this city as if we were gypsies with no real place to be. She used to work for a swanky restaurant, keeping the books, and I'd go to work with her, sit at the bar with my Shirley Temples and goldfish crackers and whatever goodies we'd get from the cuchifrito place nearby. Then we'd hop on the bus, cross the bridge and go shopping for what she called "quality goods" from the million-trillion Jewish shops in Williamsburg. Good times, good times...

The art show was cool; besides Mike's work- which I love- there were some other really good pieces, namely one that looked like a child's drawing and had the words, "I'm a dirty girl" scrawled in the corner. Pure genius! Of course there were some I didn't get and left me thinking: I coulda done that. But that's the nature of art I guess, and what makes it so great.

Marcin was there and we were able to catch up a bit on the craziness going on in The Basement and about his crippling addiction to camera equipment. We even allowed someone new in our crazy circle of jaded bitterness (run for your life, Wendy- DO NOT GET MIXED UP WITH US!!!)- a friend of Mike's who produces a reality show about homicide for cable...coolness...

At Crash Mansion I met up with DJ Medina, took his pic for the article, chatted a bit, then hung around waiting for Lozada to take the stage. I hate going to these things by myself, and during my eternal wait it occurred to me that last time I came to this venue to interview a different timba band, I was also alone. Moments like that I do regret not having a man in my life...but then I go home to my huge bed, lay across it diagonally and thank god I don't have to share my pillows!

Finally Lozada takes the stage and he kills it- that dude has the energy of like 50 men [insert dirty joke here] and I can honestly say he earned a new fan in me last night. And on the conga drum was none other than the bandleader from La Bola, the reason for my last visit to Crash Mansion! But I was getting tired of just standing there, with no dance partner, worrying that I needed to go home and moisturize my tattoo.

So during a slower song (some time around 11) I found Medina, said my goodbyes, and readied for my trek back to Brooklyn.

Highlights of the evening:
>The alcapurria I treated myself to from the cuchifrito joint on Clinton off Delancy...mmmmm
>Seeing Mike and Marcin again...I totally miss those guys!
>Getting hit on by a 26-yr-old on the subway...the twins were out in full effect, you know.

Low point:
>I almost called Mr. DJ for another booty glad my phone died before I could finish dialing the number!

I can't believe my summer o' freedom is quickly coming to an end! Quick, what else can I do before K & N come back???!!!

*smooches...craving more alcapurrias and a couple of pasteles*
And being alone
is the best way to be.
When I'm by myself
it's the best way to be.
When I'm all alone
it's the best way to be.
When I'm by myself
nobody else can say goodbye.