Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Musings' First Musical Guest...And Other, Er, Musings

You Have To Tune It Tonight For Real!
I'm really excited about tonight's episode of Monday Musings because for the first time since my launch I'll have a musical guest!! I'm totally giddy about it- for those that know me and have read my music articles before, you know me, this is my thing, this is what feeds me.

The only thing that could have made this better is if we were in a real radio station... but, you know, baby steps... it's coming!

In the meantime, listen to the show tonight with special guest, singer/songwriter LeVar Thomas (Twitterholics can follow him here). I'll be picking his brain about- what else?- music, and anything else that crosses my mind. 'Cause this is Monday Musings, you know... anything goes!

Feel free to call in and ask LeVar any questions of your own, or just to tell him how awesome his songs are (OH YES, didn't I mention? We're featuring his music, too.). For a preview of his work, visit LeVar at, or at his MySpace music page by clicking here.

Dear Flu-Like Symptoms:
Why me? You knew I was busy this weekend, right? You knew I had the babies and that I wanted to file my taxes, right? Why did you have to take over my body THIS of all weekends?

I really don't understand why you keep targeting me: I wash my hands like an OCD-ridden fool, I get my daily dose of Vitamin C and I steer clear of the Nasty McNastertons in my office. So why did you target me?

Can't we just come to an understanding already? Please, I beg of you, just leave me be!

Just Say It Will Be OK
I'm embarking on this super huge personal project and I'm a little scared. Intimidated, even, by the sheer magnitude of how great it can be or how horribly it could flop.

It's been hard to keep my positive affirmations going about this because my whole life I've been too chicken to be proactive about anything, but I need to push forward because I know, in my heart, that I won't be complete until I do it.

Everything I've done with my career has led me to this point and I either have to take the plunge or stay stuck here on this ledge forever... I'm not getting any younger, though, right? I'm already way behind where I should have been... I cannot stall, right?

Right. So, deep breath... I just have to push forward...

This Child...
OKAY- so sometimes I tease the babies until they are ready to pull their hair out, I admit it. But DANG, that's no excuse for this note K wrote and left on my desk a few months ago:

For those of you who are hella old (KYLE) and can't read the post-it, she wrote:

If I ever spontaneously combust, please know it was over frustration because my mother was being silly. Lock her up in jail.

Just NO LOVE for me!

Throw Rocks At Boys
There are a million and one reasons why I love my sister, and this game:

Boys Are Stupid. Throw Rocks At Them. just another.

For all the readers who agree on the stupidity of boys, please, a belated Christmas gift from me (and Mari). Enjoy it!

Oh, and Psst! Mari... look below... you just got your own label. *smile*

*smooches...really kinda glad I never had a boy*
who even knows what to do with those creatures?? My girls, although born with sassy lil mouths, are crazy fun!!