Friday, January 16, 2009

The Crazies Flock To Me

They seem normal at first; they compliment my blog, my writing. We exchange words and jokes and tease each other about a variety of benign things. They speak intelligently, have degrees under their belt. They're witty; slaves to pop culture like myself. Hold down jobs, feed and dress themselves like they have some sense.

They seem like cool people.

And then it happens- their Crazy starts to peek out and show it's ass:

DUDE: i was dreaming when i wrote this
DUDE: forgive me if it goes astray
DUDE: but when i woke up this morning
DUDE: coulda sworn it was judgment day
ME: listening to His Purple Majesty
DUDE: nah...just popped in my head
ME: your head is crazy and random
DUDE: you have no idea
DUDE: well...maybe SOME idea
ME: I was gonna say...
DUDE: i swear sometimes my mind is a constant beehive of random
ME: what a visual...
DUDE: ya and inside THAT beehive, is another beehive
DUDE: but inside THAT beehive...a shopping mall
DUDE: its weird
DUDE: not weird that its a shopping mall
DUDE: but weird that its so busy b/c there aren't even any sales and my coupon expired
ME: *backs away slowly from IM window*
DUDE: what? what'd i say?

*smooches...happy that I won't be alone at Bellevue*
when it's all said and done, if nothing else, I've met the most INTERESTING people in my lifetime...