Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Memories Starring Baby N

I was looking through my computer files, trying to make sense of my photos and documents to give my poor hard drive a break, when I came across the folder with pics and videos from N's birthday last summer.

It was the first time she'd been apart from K, who'd been at sleep-away camp for two weeks, and she'd just spent a whole week with Mari down in DC.

I have to admit- most of my silly antics are performed with N by my side- that girl loves it when I'm insane. It's how we bond. Hopefully she'll remember how much fun crazy mommy is when I'm afflicted with full-on dementia.

The whole folder with her birthday pics was chock full of pictures I forgot I had but was happy to find. You see, I fancy myself an amateur photographer and have always been drawn to the art of taking pictures: the memories they invoke, the moments they capture... forcing life to stand still for one, single perfect moment in time.

Like us preparing the cupcakes for her party

N posing with her crown (Tyra has ruined my children, you hear me? RUINED!)

The cupcakes doing a figure "8"

A bunch of wet kids at the park, starring N & 2 of Cathi's babies

Blowing out the candles

A special appearance by Miss Olivia

And some graffiti about some hussy named Tierna who's CLEARLY gotten around. Lots!

There was also some innocent looking footage of the babies playing in the sprinklers, but if you turn up the volume you can hear me, Cathi and Irene deliberating on Cs girlfriend, 'cause did I mention he brought that heifer to my baby's birthday??

*smooches...hoping dementia only erases the memory of the time I watched "Glitter"
Those are two hours of my life I'll NEVER get back!