Friday, January 23, 2009

I Haven't Shared My Camera Phone Pics In A While... I gathered some gems for you from my beloved Roscoe:

Can his toupee be just a little bit more obvious, because it's almost, maybe DEFINITELY only 99% percent noticeable. Dude, that is a definite fail!

Where did dude get this jacket? Amoebas R Us? Just be thankful I didn't catch the rest of his ensemble... and his girlfriend's shoes? BLECH... I saved you the trauma, trust me!

I saw Erykah Badu at the Vegas Airport. Okay, I'm kidding, but tell me this chick don't bare a striking resemblance?!

I am too through with you men who insist that wearing this

Or this

Is okay. I'm sick of all of y'all. Please stop it!!

This guy was almost a rape victim because his fine ass was asleep on the train across from me after I'd had too many drinks... for real, I almost starred in my very own SVU episode!

I have seen pure evil, folks, and its name is UGG MOCCASINS. I wanted to die three million deaths when I saw this atrocity on the subway platform in the middle of a cold ass week.

The economy must be in the toilet because cattle is looking for work in Brooklyn. Can you believe this mess?? Right on Flatbush Avenue like it's okay to have a cow in the middle of the sidewalk. Totally messed up my day!

When the Mickey D Itis hits, it's serious like a heart attack, which is what I thought this dude was having. But then I realized, no, he was in a French Fry Haze. So I took his picture while my babies shook their head in shame. I'm such a good mommy!

See that beautifully long and luxurious head of hair? Nice, right? Enviable, even, don't you think? Right... it belongs to a dude. I kid you not. I was too sad. And a little bit jealous.

Hey, Ma-ri! Baby I got yo' money, don't you worry, I said HEY! Baby I got yo' (Uruguayan) money!

Am I your secret? Do you read my blog late at night when everyone in the house is asleep, close your laptop when you hear someone on the stairs? When you're in the shower do you close your eyes and dream about my next blog post? Do you set your clock to 12:01AM in anticipation of what I will write next?

Yeah, I thought so.

*smooches...wondering what foolishness I'll capture once I get my Curve*
yes, folks, you read correctly. I'm upgrading next month. To a crackberry. Pray for me, good people, pray for me!