Saturday, June 28, 2008

By The Time You Read This...

...I'll be halfway to Boston.

Can you say, "ROAD TRIP!!!"

Yup, even with the crazy gas prices, we drivin up to New England to hang with the party posse. And of course by "we drivin" I mean somebody else is drivin because, well, no one wants me behind the wheel. Something about me not having a license or knowing how to drive. HMPH! Details, details... I can ride the hell out of a bike, though! LOL

But this is my long, drawn out way of saying that I'm instituting a mandatory 24HR internet silence so that I can party in peace. This means no emails and no Sunday blog post... I know, I know, but you'll be okay, I promise! I have TONS AND TONS of archived posts.

First of all, in honor of my sweet honey-bear's birthday (TODAY!), here's a post I wrote about him last year. Everything I wrote then still applies today. He will always be the love of my life. ALWAYS!

Here's one I wrote about the time I had a mouse in my apartment. And here's another I wrote about Mr. Baseball (and here's the one I wrote about how I finally had to end it with him, despite the fact he was a great kisser and had the best fucking body EVER!). And OOOH, make sure you read this top ten list... I had loads of fun writing it!

Then of course you have to revisit the Perfect Man post; that was a fun one. And the letter I wrote to my reproductive organs, too. Finally, why not take a peek at what started it all- the very first Jaded NYer post?

There, that should keep you good and busy until I stumble back home after causing more damage to my liver. Just consider this post the equivalent of a clip show. You know, the episode of your favorite show they air when they need a filler episode? The one the writers phoned in? Yeah, this is the Clip Show episode of The Jaded NYer...

But just think of the tales I'll have for you on Monday!

* happy that it is officially SUMMER*
you know the best part about living in NYC? Leaving it from time to time, and then coming back with full appreciation of your hometown.

peace n hair grease, y'all... see you Monday!